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The Edge Collection

The Edge Collection

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The Edge Collection

An ode to the many faces of women!

This unique collection is a celebration of womanhood and a tribute to women around the world who continue to fight numerous battles. Our double terminated collection is designed specifically to remind you of all that you are capable of.
There are times when the noise of the world make us feel like we have lost your own voice.  Adding on top the unrealistic expectation from society is just too overwhelming.  But have you look into the mirror lately? Do you know that woman who is fierce, kind, compassionate and headstrong all at the same time? Remember, that woman is you! 
It is for each one of us who creates magic and life in our own way. From bringing new life to this world to fighting for what is rightfully ours, there is nothing that women cannot do!
Choose the crystal and affirmation that speaks to you the most and be reminded of your strength and beauty every day! No one knows you like you do, and this crystal can be a reflection of everything that you are!

This limited collection comes in four(4) varieties of stones with affirmations:

- Clear Quartz "Let your light shine"
- Obsidian "I am unstoppable"
- Rose Quartz "Bloom for yourself"
- Amethyst "My life - my story"

Delicately handmade with 14k gold-filled wires and 18k gold-plated chain. 

Length is adjustable from choker size to 17-inches. 

Our crystals and pearls are natural thus each piece is unique and can slightly differ in shape and size from the image.


Standard delivery is 2-5 working days. As all our jewellery pieces are handmade, please allow us a few days for production. Should we need more time to create, we will inform and contact you directly.


- Keep away from moisture.
- Remove before entering water.
- Apply perfumes and lotions before wearing.
- Remove before going to bed or exercising.
- Clean after use and wipe with a soft cloth.
- Store in a closed box.

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